KomBack – helping early school leavers to return to school and employment thru cooperation between professionals

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KomBack, an ESF dropouts project with the target group adolescents aged 16 -29 years in Vetlanda who have not started or completed secondary school and in the current situation are not employable (NEETs). Vetlanda Social Administration is owner of the project. There are 4 persons who work in KomBack project, working primarily with coachning and supporting the participants to studies and work.

The project aims to prevent school dropout and also actively work with the young people who left school early and are in risk of alienation.



1.    – To get young people to find their way to education or work.

2.       – To analyze and clarify the structural reasons that young people do not manage their regular schooling.

3.       – To test different methods

KomBack is based on cooperation between social services, education and public employment services with an objective to provide a common consensus and implementation of KomBacks work in these organizations, even after the end of project time.




Vetlanda municipality located in woodland highlands of Småland in south of Sweden. Vetlanda has about 27 000 inhabitants. The business consists of home small manufacturers, engineering companies. Vetlanda is also a large market town in the highlands. More info on website