Youth Integration – re-inclusion of NEETs to work and study using new methods in Swedish Public Employment Office

Youth Integration a national method development project aimed to reach young people aged 16-24 who are not working, studying or have any known planning (NEETs). The project aims to include young people in work and study, and to ensure structures and practices of the target group’s needs and circumstances.

Young Integration is owned by the Public Employment Service and co-financed by the European Social Fund and the municipalities concerned. The project is active in five Swedish cities, progress 2012-06-01 – 2014-05-31 and comprises a total of approximately 80 employees. A close cooperation is established with municipalities, various employers, police, “Freezing house” and nonprofit organizations. Examples of success factors are:


• Multi Skilled team of different functions from the Public Employment Service and local authorities.

• Outreach activities by employed young marketers with backgrounds in similar environments as the target audience.

• Long-term and trustful employer relationships.

• Holistic work and approach based on the target group’s needs and circumstances.


August 31, 2013, there were 754 young people enrolled in the Youth Integration submitted, of which 187 completed their participants. Of those 187, 17 percent migrated to work, 34 percent to studies, 32 percent to other known cause (eg, health care and correctional) and 17 percent to unknown causes. The results exceed the project’s profitability targets.


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is the most populous city in Sweden and on the Scandinavian peninsula, with a population of 871,952 in the municipality (2010), 1,372,565 in the urban area (2010), and 2,119,760 in the metropolitan area (2010). As of 2010, the Stockholm metropolitan area is home to approximately 22% of Sweden’s population.

1. Find their way to education or work.

2.       – To analyze and clarify the structural reasons that young people do not manage their regular schooling.

3.       – To test different methods

KomBack is based on cooperation between social services, education and public employment services with an objective to provide a common consensus and implementation of KomBacks work in these organizations, even after the end of project time.




Vetlanda municipality located in woodland highlands of Småland in south of Sweden. Vetlanda has about 27 000 inhabitants. The business consists of home small manufacturers, engineering companies. Vetlanda is also a large market town in the highlands. More info on website