Our village tomorrow


Association “Our Village tomorrow”

Association “Our Village tomorrow” was founded in 2004 in order to activate people , use of energy inherent in them , improve life quality, change the prospects for young people ,stop the mass exodus of young people . Successfully completed several projects for youth empowerment , we have established many international contacts.
In 2004 , we implemented the project co-financed by the Polish Foundation of Robert Schuman :
” XI Polish European Meetings – county -wide festival , promoted U E. In this project we organized an information point for farmers.
From June 2004 to December 2004 , we carried out a project under the “Youth : the initiative group “, financed by the National Agency of the Youth . The theme of the project was
” Multimedia Chronicle of our village “. The product is a booklet containing the most ancient history of our village , memories of inhabitants, shooters .
From October 2004 to May 2005, we carried out the project ” Equal chances in 2004 “, co-financed by the Polish – American Freedom Foundation and the Polish Children and Youth Foundation . Were conducted courses for young people at risk of social exclusion : language , computer, entrepreneurship. We have created an exhibition of art work , youth work in film club .
The Association was also a member of the ” Partner – comprehensive support for non-governmental organizations ” in the period from February 2004 to December 2005 , where there was the leader of the Foundation for College Polonicum . As part of this task, reported local organizations about the possibility of financing from the EU funds .
Members of the association participated in training on structural funds , how to manage an organization .
Our organization from June 2006 to March 2007 implemented a project funded under the Programme for the Polish-American Freedom Foundation ( PAFF ) National Competition Grant ” Equal Opportunities in 2006 ” . Name of the project ” E-learning will give us wings .” Project was to assist rural youth access to the Internet and therefore access to knowledge. We built an interent by ourselves..
In 2008-2010, we carried out a transnational project ” Folk handicraft workshops in Europe,” the Grundtvig program , in partnership with seven European countries. It was an experience of activation of the adults in cooperation with European partners . We have established contacts with organizations in Europe, which continues to this day. Our experience of the tasks in a multicultural environment .
In 2012, we signed an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on international educational project ” Lubusko – Vilnius ” Spartakiade . ” Consisted of activating youth through sport and partner Lubuskie Polish community in Lithuania. All project objectives have been achieved and the added value is established contacts and proposals for further cooperation.
In 2012, members of the association participated in the Partnership Forum organized by KIW in Warsaw. There have established contacts with partners in Sweden and Germany implementing projects for young people at risk of social exclusion. There was established the concept of transnational partnership project in Lubuskie .

Village : Old Mansion :
(German Altenhof ) – a village in Poland , in Lubusz Voivodeship , in west- Międzyrzecz , in the municipality of Trzciel , on the border of Lake Lubusz and furrows Zbąszyńskiej.W years 1975-1998 was located in the province of gorzowskim.Jest medium-sized village , with a documented over sześćsetletniej history, in the southern part of the county Międzyrzecki , within the historical Wielkopolska. At its history had an impact on the former location of the border between the Polish Kingdom , Silesia and Brandenburg .