Youth Power – holistic approach to help young school leavers and “home sitters” back to school, employment and a increased well-being

The project is aimed at young people aged 16-24 who are furthest away from the school and the labor market and are not subject to regular action from society. We know that many young people are at risk of social exclusion. They lack social security and often leave the the school system with incomplete grades, leaving high school before the school is completed. We call them “home sitters” without motivation and empowerment to break a negative pattern of life and often have a very large school absence. These youth are at high risk of falling into a life of alienation, ending up in a feedback loop between the authorities and fall through the cracks.

The project’s mission is to work together in cooperation with other partners to create new goals, activities and practices that benefit young people at risk of a life of alienation and creating efficiencies for authorities and organizations.

Youth Power has had 62 participants enrolled. Participants are coming from most activities in the region, through the anxious guardians and by the project’s outreach. The majority of young people have extensive support needs for a long time ahead.

Youth Powers working method is based on seeing the whole picture (holistic approach) for each youth with health, relationships, leisure, family, education, activation, internship, job. Project staff and participants work together with participants to gain self-insight, so that they understand / accept their evidence and difficulties and to give them strategies on how to manage and meet difficulties so that they can manage without personal support.


Region Gotland, Sweden’s largest island in the Baltic Sea. Gotland is 17 mil long and 6 mil at the widest point. There are about 57,000 people living on the island of Gotland and there is a city Visby, with 25,000 inhabitants rest of the island is made up of small towns and very rural. Tourism and hospitality industry, agriculture, management, state and regional are the main industries.