International Conference launching Project


International Conference launching Project – 21.10.2013

The conference was attended by Deputy Maciej Szykuła who presented a brief description of the region and presented the Operational Programme Human Capital in Lubuskie . Director of the Center for Social Inclusion Vaclav Hansz who welcomed all in attendance . Margaret Jażdżewska – Deputy Director of the European Social Fund and the representatives of the projects implemented by partners from Sweden and the German partner .Coordinator of the project ” Light My Power” John Kostyszak presented the main objectives of the project in order to name already taken action : the establishment of the project office , the appointment of the project team , meeting partners in Poland , found the first two points of the Youth Activation of Social Sciences in Zielona Gora and Swiebodzin and recruitment of technical staff of .Scheduled workshops for trainers in Germany and Sweden . The five-day workshopwill be carried out by the German partner in Hamburg for 12 members and technical staff of the project team. However, in the five -day workshop in Sweden will participate 15 participants.