Poland Germany

Description transnational activities POLAND GERMANY


1.    Establishment of project office

• Appointment of a project team , Transnational Management , website , forum for the exchange of experiences

German partner will recommend people to participate in the Project.

2.    Partners meeting in Poland

The leader will prepare a meeting of the partners in Poland for 4 day ( 3 nights) . Leader will cover the cost of transport and accommodation partners and pay for GSM speaker .

Topics of the meeting:

• Presenting the German model of youth empowerment at risk of exclusion.

• discussion of a detailed schedule of co-operation ,

• Discussion of methods of communication , information flow ,

• details of the website,

• Discuss the process of adapting the methods used by the partners ,

• study visits to institutions activation and social inclusion,

• The development of transnational partners principles of creating one Junior Professional Social Activation YOU,Pre-recruitment-merit staff.

German partner will recommend five people to attend the meeting in Poland for 4 days (3 nights ) . Partner GSM no cost to departure.

German speaker will present a working model of the activation of tackling social exclusion used by GSM .

Representatives of the GSM will be consulted on the development of methods to adapt GSM solutions .

3.    Establishment of two points of the Youth Activation Socio- Professional .

Renting flats , adaptation , organization and equipment of the Youth Activation points Socio- Professional ( YOU ) in Zielona Gora and Swiebodzin according to the findings of the PPN .

GSM will act as a consultant.

4.    Recruitment of technical staff of

The recruitment of members of groups: diagnostic (2 x psycholog/pedagog, social workers k), coaching (12-2x a personal trainer, coach 2x physical activation, manual activation trainer 2x, 2x

GSM will act as a consultant.

5.    Workshop for trainers in Germany

The five-day workshop entitled “German model of social and professional activation tackling social exclusion,” conducted by the German partner in Hamburg for 12 members and technical staff of

       The leader bears the costs of travel , subsistence and pays 25 hours conducting workshops for GSM .

GSM prepares stay 12 trainers in Germany 5 days ( 4 nights ) and workshops ” German model of social and professional activation tackling social exclusion ” .

GSM Partner at no cost . The contribution of non-financial partner to provide rooms for workshops and conferences.

6.        Adapting the methods observed in PPN to the Polish

The methodological work will be employed methodological adviser .

Based on materials collected from partners , developed a methodical script will work as a team briefings substance.

GSM will act as a consultant

7.    Recruitment of participants and a diagnosis of needs and to develop

activation of individual plans .

Ad recruitment of project participants , recruitment based on criteria developed by recruitment methods PPN conduct interviews by diagnostic group ( social worker , educator / psychologist ) a list of 24 UP ( 14k , 10m ) and a reserve – 8 people.

The development of individual plans of activation .

GSM will act as a consultant

8.    Block reintegration activities

Every UP -cycle activities will be covered by the methodology developed in Germany, which will consist of :

Private lessons :

with a personal trainer – 3 hours per week for the participant

Group classes :

with an instructor for physical activation – 5 hours per week

instruction manual for activation – 5 hours per week

the instructor can. social inclusion – 5 hours per week

The work will be coordinated by technical staff of substantive consultant – 40 hours per week for 6 months

GSM will act as a consultant.

9.    The block schedule to prepare for the profession

Each UP is covered by a cycle of classes, prepared according to the methodology PPN which will consist of : classes with a professional counselor – 2 hours per week

vocational courses – 14 hours per week during four months – a total of 32 days or 224 hours

GSM will act as a consultant.

10.    Preparing participants to enter the labor market – with partners

The leader prepares study visits to Hamburg for the project participants .

Workshops conducted by German trainers , individual and group according to a fixed schedule in conjunction with GSM . There will be 7 observation logs , attendance , teaching material , audiovisual documentation .

Leader covers the cost of travel and stay of seven persons for 5 days (4 nights).

GSM prepare a five-day workshop in Hamburg for 7 people – participants .

Prepare group workshops and individual – a total of 25 hours.

GSM Partner at no cost . The contribution of non-financial partner to provide rooms for workshops and conferences ora own work 25 hours a speaker GSM .

11.    Development of teaching materials – adaptation of the Swedish model and the German

On the basis of held conferences, workshops and seminars will be developed methodology as methodical manual contains a description of methods and lesson plans . Materials will be posted on the website of social welfare centers , printed in the traditional way in 100 copies and an electronic version – 200 CDs

GSM will act as a consultant.

12.    Dissemination of project results

Methodical organization of two conferences with 83 centers and 12 PCFS s . Keeping radio series having the character of evaluation reports , publishing articles in the press .

Leader covers the cost of travel and stay 2 persons with GSM at 2 days (1 night ) .

Partner GSM will recommend two people to attend the conference summary – 2 days (1 night )

GSM Partner at no cost .